Sunday, 25 July 2010

Broken link

It is not easy to blog about something which one does not know much about. After having read all the recommended articles about the LinkedIn I was unconvinced about the benefits and other aspects of this social networking site. The home page encourages users to sign in by saying that being LinkedIn they stay informed about their contacts and industry, it is easy to find the
people and knowledge to achieve one's goals and finally it helps to control one's professional identity online. One of the arguments which seems to predominate over the others is that through the site it might be easier to find a job. It looks a bit like having a CV online and an employment agent, except that it is free. This might not be so bad. It also seems to have a negative connotation and feels a bit cliquish, like supporting favouritism - if you are in you are fine, we will help you ("I know someone, and this someone knows someone else, who knows another someone who might be useful..." etc.), if you are not "in" you may be less likely to achieve much or even worse - you may be an enemy and should stay away. Perhaps it is a bit too harsh. At least all this is in the open. You are watched , but you are allowed to watch others too. There must be something in the LinkedIn if, as it is stated on the home page of the site, 70 million people have joined in. Will it be my missing link in the world wide web? Perhaps just a broken one in the net. It might be repaired when I am convinced. But not today. I am staying out.

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