Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Oh, it is so delicious!

Delicious is one of these Things which has a great potential to make one's life easier. Until recently I have bookmarked page after page, having already much too long a list of the Favourites on each and every computer I use (and there are quite a few, both at work and at home). Some bookmarks are repeated everywhere, some are completely different, many never opened since they were saved. Learning about this yummy program gives me a chance to tidy up all this. It will not happen overnight. Not during the exciting time of the World Cup, IB exams and results awaiting (a personal matter just completed with a happy end) and the presidential elections in my home country (my candidate has won, hurray!!!!!!!!!!!), not to mention never ending (almost never) stock taking and catalogue amending in our libraries. Stubbornly and systematically however, I am looking through all of my bookmarks, deleting a lot but also keeping a lot. Instead of writing down on numerous pieces of paper which then would probably be lost, I copy the addresses directly to MY OWN DEL.ICIO.US. And I will be able to access them from everywhere, even when on holidays somewhere far away from "my" computers. What can be better than this? The other advantage will be getting rid of many shortcuts which occupy lots of space on the desktops. My boss says that my desktop looks like a wordle cloud, but not sorted in any logical way (I thought it was , at least to me). But the end to this has just come. Now I will have just one shortcut - to, and perhaps to My Documents. And perhaps a few more. But not as it looks now.

Thanks 23 Things for Thing 12!

Of course, the other problem is proper tagging. Tags in my bookmark list have to be different to tags in the Revelation23 blog. These here are personal (iSelfish!). Those there have to take me fast to where I need to be. Probably most of us get upset when we cannot find what we are looking for when we search a telephone book or another directory. I keep thinking that some of these publications are prepared by people who never use them (just like hoovers which have attachments which are not doing their job or baby prams with net trays under the main carriage so all the rain water, mud or dust from the road can get easier to whatever is carried there - things invented by those who perhaps thought about many aspects when inventing them but not about how it would "behave" in real life). Hence my tags in my have to be such that I will know and REMEMBER what names I have given to all links. Also in this personal case of a personal account it would be probably wise if the names were rather universal, e.g. BBC news site should be called NEWS not a BLA-BLA (after all the content is not always a bla-bla). We plan to create a shared account at work so we would need to give sites the names that we all can then easily retrieve. For example a tag for the Library of Congress Authorities page should be HEADINGS, not DO-WHAT-YOU-ARE-TOLD, etc.

The advantages of knowing about and using this gadget are numerous. I like Who wouldn't? It is yummy!


  1. IB results with a positive end? Congratulations to the candidate!

    I love the idea of tagging LoC 'do-what-you-are-told', although it could just as easily be 'why-isn't-there-a-heading-for-this', which might lead to confusion!

  2. I would also say: "why-there-are-no-headings-for-anything-what-I-need". That's why Delicious and other Things where tagging is involved are so much user friendly. And iLike them all.