Saturday, 10 July 2010

Reflections and roses

Looking back at Things which I have learnt about thanks to the 23 Things programme, I would say that exploring every new Thing has been like jumping a mile long jump from where I have started. Just a few weeks ago there were only (or mostly) Google internet search, email and library e-resources (and Voyager of course) as my main internet activities. And now?! So many new things (Things), and one may say that each new thing was better than the previous. Some are real revelations. I even thought of changing my blog "stage name" to 23 Revelations instead of Revelation23.
Out of the Things included already in the programme, some will stay with me for good both for my personal and professional use, some might be used in future as shared accounts or sources in my library work (preparing leaflets, inductions, presentations), and some others I will re-visit only if I have to. Those I like the most are iGoogle, Google calendar, Flickr and I could say I am enthusiastic about them. To such an extent that I started spreading the word among colleagues, friends and family. And it is taking off!
The one which I don't have a heart for is Twitter. The others (Doodle, SlideShare) may be useful perhaps in future. I think that most of the above I will be using just for myself. I can see the possibility of sharing a calendar and with my colleagues. Especially shared might be useful. Our library team works in eight libraries at various locations using/sharing several office computers there. Having access to the same websites gathered in one account by all of us at different places would eliminate the present necessity of adding these websites to Favourites on each of these computers. I refer here to all useful links to the professional profile websites (libraries, e-resources, Library of Congress authorities etc.). Also a shared calendar is an obvious application to be used. Blogger is a Thing I do because I have to do to complete the programme. It could be satisfying to share thoughts and illustrate them with pictures (glory to the Flickr!). But it is also a great challenge. I have to write in a foreign language! Sometimes I think that something I have just written is wise or funny. When I read it again it sounds not right in English or silly. I must be thinking still in my native tongue and translating directly when typing. Blogger is challenging and frustrating at the same time. Perhaps a professional blog, created and run just for library needs and purposes would be easier to carry on with.
I am sorry Twitter and Blogger. I do not intend to offend you. You are just not my piece of cake. Having said that I am still looking forward to the next challenges. The start is a long way behind me and there is still far to travel.

And a final reflection. Totally out of subject but still a reflection. "Of all flowers, me thinks a Rose is best" (William Shakespeare, The Two Noble Kinsmen, photo by Revelation23 not on Flickr, the rose - my very own).


  1. You write beautifully - and very clearly. I would struggle to write more than a couple of sentences in another language!

  2. Thanks. You are too kind. Two or two hundred sentences in a foreign language, believe me,it is always a struggle. That is why I add pictures to my bloggs. It is much easier than writing and they should attract the attention. I hope!