Sunday, 24 July 2011


This is a second career in my lifetime but not yet professional in the sense of having registered and approved qualifications. My first career was very professional, with all the extras attached to it, including belonging to professional organisations. Being there enabled meeting people, participating in conferences, being sent on sabbaticals, and all these with the advantage of lower membership cost. I was able to visit many places, to work with wonderful people and achieve what was possible at that time. Then I chose to change all in my life and had a 10 year break in professional activities. Finding it too difficult to resume the previous route, I discovered that I actually can do something else. This is how I have become a library assistant and then a senior version a few years later. Having some ambition to progress in this career I quickly found out that it would be possible only if I "belonged". I then joined CILIP and became an affiliated member. This status is a status quo so far.
I know all the theory of what CILIP offers, I had a nice exchange of emails with the Qualifications and Professional Development adviser and I know that I can progress towards chartership in a straight forward way, requiring however more time and involvement than I am devoting to it now. It is just a matter of finding a mentor, having a plan of personal development and producing a portfolio. Easy peasy!!!
In the meantime I read most of the emails from the groups I am a member of. These are Cataloguing and Indexing and Career Development groups, only two because of the cost, my employer doesn't pay for my membership. Also I have found out recently that CILIPUPDATE publishes many interesting articles (not just titles that I used to glance at before without looking deeper into their texts). Apart from this I am rather a "dead soul" in the organisation at the moment, but this may change since I will have more time (not just better motivation) being recently made 1/3rd redundant from my present post. I will probably join LISNPN (it's free!) and possibly the CILIP Communities (since I am paying already the CILIP fee).
And that's all folks (on this subject and at the moment)!

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