Saturday, 9 July 2011


To E-be or not to be at all?

In the past I googled my maiden family name a few times but rather to look up what was there about my parents (who as actors were more likely to be mentioned) and yes - I came across my own, tiny, presence there too (to my great astonishment). In my "previous life" - pre-English one, I would have more to show if the internet existed then or if I lived somewhere where archives were well kept and someone cared enough to publish them online. In those pre-internet times, the only computer I saw (once) was a room-size machine in one of the industrial research institutes. A scientific calculator was the most advanced piece of technology I used . I brought it from Canada where at that time computers were already common and as one of my colleagues nicely described "used as saucers under cups of tea" . So to find my name among billions present online was a surprise. Until the cpd23 Thing 3 instruction to look up my own name on the internet, I never checked if I did exist there as a new edition of "me" - the English version. Encouraged by the cpd23 "command", I found over 7o pages containing my name (the combination of my not English first name and very English surname). One of "me" lived in the 18th century, another in the 19th - grave memorials may be viewed online, links are provided (I didn't dare!). Someone else with my name runs yoga studios in Paris (and originates from Brazil!) . Another one is a secretary of an international magic corporation. I wish I had her magic wand! Well, these people are not me, or I am not them. The real me however exists online too, thanks to a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger and of course because I am employed (still, despite all the cuts and global crisis). I haven't found anything compromising about myself, and not much very exciting either. Hopefully it's not too late to make a more interesting mark. It's high time to think about ... I have a brand?

I started with reading the articles on personal branding, those suggested by the cpd23 blog and more publications linked to them. Lots to take in, to consider and to apply. So - do I have my own brand? And what is that really? A name? No, I am not Coca-Cola or even a yoga studio. I did publish some scientific papers but that was then - in my previous life. I post blogs under the name of Revelation23. It seemed relevant to discoveries I was about to make embarking on the 23Things program last year. This year not all the Things are revelations any more but my blog name has not been changed (no better idea so far).
I use my real name on Facebook and this year also on my Twitter account (last year it was Revelation24, Twitter did not want to accept the 23!). I have however replaced a picture of a rose (my very own) with the photograph of a real me in my profile on Twitter but still have a Cat in the Hat picture in my Blogger profile. No consistency at all! Completely against the rules that are suggested in all the articles read. Also my bio is not exactly informative and is different on each site. Lots of room for improvement!

I think I will leave the "Cat in the hat" in my Blogger profile - much more photogenic than myself.
Also I have a mascot Cat in the Hat attached to the bunch of library keys as my personal mark - a brand? My colleagues and students would hopefully know who to return the keys to if I loose them (touch wood and avoid a black cat - it has not happened yet).
Reputation as a brand - I'd like to think that my colleagues and library users could describe me as friendly, patient and helpful. I would like these attributes to be my professional brand. And the cat? He was friendly and helpful. And he did know the Things, at least Thing One and Thing Two.

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