Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Next week ... holiday!

I know it (thanks to 23Things 2010), I use it, I recommend it to friends and colleagues. I do not have to remember to look into my diary, turn pages in it or ask someone to remind me about things. Google Calendar emails me always on time. It's a real friend. Together with another wonderful invention - TeuxDeux (thanks to TeachMeet), I finally remember all of the events, things to do or to deal with, people to meet or call. Unfortunately I will not be reminded about things which I do not remember to put in there :-(
I definitely have not forgotten about next week's event and hopefully on Friday my Google calendar will email me to remind me of my holiday. Hurray!
I am not going to any exotic, tropical, sunny, warm etc. destination. Let's hope it's not raining in my garden. And if it is, there is a chance that I will finish reading all the books piling up on my bedside table, have a chance to play canasta or shop during more customer friendly hours. Everybody can dream ...

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  1. Enjoy your holiday! I hope the weather stays good for you.