Thursday, 3 June 2010

Found my PrintScreen

At last!
I have found the picture on the PREVIEW view. The "COMPOSE" screen was showing a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation symbols. Was it supposed to be obvious that it would worked that way? I hope the published post will show the picture of my iGoogle home page.
Let's see this Revelation No.4! (clicking the button PUBLISH POST)


  1. I like the 'Artist a Day' on your iGoogle page.

    That "mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation symbols" is the html code for the picture in your post. Put simply, 'html' is the code that tells your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox or similar) what to show on the screen. If you look at the post-writing window, you should see two options at the top of the box you type into - one is called 'edit html' and one is called 'compose'. The 'compose' option is much simpler, and should show pictures as pictures. It also has options for font style, etc., similar to some of those in Word.

    Do zobaczenia!

  2. Thanks Girl in the Moon (does this name have anything to do with one known Cambridge astronomer by any chance, or perhaps with Pan Twardowski?). With my own "trial and mistake" long way of learning, and with yours and Emma's help I am by a heaven wiser (this is not about astronomy again, just a direct translation of one of Polish sayings, meaning just "much more").
    I am looking now at the next two Things (the 5th and 6th), so hopefully - "Do zobaczenia" soon!