Thursday, 3 June 2010

Screen or scream

I have registered MY BLOG. Hard to believe. I am blogging! Or at least I think I do.
It took a while before I managed to download the PhotoScope (first on the list in "the best photo editors"). The result of my PrintScreen via the PhotoScope will be visible, I hope, below:
I will try later, promise.
Now it is later, next try: Nothing again.
So it is a SCREEEEEAM! Today. Hopefuly tomorrow will be better day.


  1. hi Revelation 23!
    Glad that things are proving enjoyable. I love iGoogle though have started restricting it to home use as it is too addictive. Mind you I added the Penguins gadget to my iGoogle page and then haven't had the heart to delete them - so probably no great surprises there.....

    enjoy the blogging!

  2. Thanks again. You are absolutely right. I have only just started igoogling and already have spent more time doing this rather than what I should at this time of the year, i.e. book stock taking preparations and gardening. I'll have to restict myself to iG on rainy days only. In the meantime let's enjoy sunny days!
    Best wishes