Wednesday, 9 June 2010


DOODLE! Inevitably one associates it and rhymes with "NOODLE". But doodle has nothing to do with noodle of course, unless a meeting in a noodle bar is to be organised. It is rather googling (or iGoogling) which feels not just like a noodle but like a bowl of spaghetti! You start at some point and you are sent to a link, then to another, and another, and so on with no end! I am not saying that it's not enjoyable!
Doodle is definitely a gadget worthy knowing about and having among 23Things. It has been easy to use (great step-by-step instruction; thank you the 23Things Contributors team) and the link to will definitely stay on my iGoogle homepage. Not that I am scheduling lots of meetings at the moment but who knows, perhaps in future...

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