Sunday, 27 June 2010

iFree subject headings

Re-labelling (re-tagging) of my first seven blogs was definitely much more fun than re-labelling books in the library where I work. Not that I do not like what I do.
Changing tags into labels took some thinking to begin with. Encouraged by the Thing 8 welcoming blog:

"...(tags) are generated on the fly by users, not imposed by library taxonomies", and later "... try enhancing this by adding tags that describe your content. This can be as formal or as fun, ... as you like..."

I thought I should be somehow creative and not too serious, however still each label should remind me which Thing a blog is about. I also assumed that not many people would read my blog and those who would, might like a bit of a riddle. The first Thing out of 23 to blog about was iGoogle. So I named the first blog " iStart" and then the other i-tags had come to me quickly (iContinue, iTravel, iLabel). I will probably label the Thing 23 blog - "iFinish"!
Not all labels begin with an "i" but each new label for the Things means something to me.
Clay Shirky's article, a recommended reading, confirmed that my labels are indeed selfish. But iLike them.


  1. Think that your 'labels' are really inventive and I like them!

  2. iThank you Libby and Girl in the Moon. I am afraid all my inventive abilities are melting now in this high temperature. But - let's enjoy this summer for as long as it lasts!