Sunday, 20 June 2010

Numbers, letters, numbers ... tweet!

Here I am - a new member of twittulation (or - twittering population). I was not sure what to twitter about to start this new way of communicating with other tweeple (is Oxford dictionary happy with all these twitteologisms?). The only thing that came to my mind was reciting: 185.1 CAT, 185.2 BAT, 185.2 MAT ... . No reward for guessing what that was about and that was just a beginning of the annual stock check!

Setting up my Twitter account was not difficult, but to remember all the nuances of it, I am sure, will not be easy. Also it took quite a while before I was allowed to enter that tweeple paradise. For a couple of days, every time I tried to open the site, I was presented with a polite refusal. Finally a more inviting window was opened and I could fly into the twittering world. Almost straight away I gained a couple of followers completely unknown to me. Also I packed my home page with lots of sites, which I thought at that time I would follow. I deleted some of them, added some others, filled my Profile with a picture and with few words of Bio and that was the end of my twittering activities for a while.
I do not thing it is going to be my favourite way of using the internet. I wish I come up with something really important to say to the world like Eureka! or Panta rei! but at the moment it is a simplified Library of Congress classification system which occupies my mind. And the strawberries. Here you are, help yourselves :)

P.S. For the duration of the World Cup 2010, Twitter should be renamed VUVUZELA!

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  1. In am intrigued by your neat qualified tagging system 'Vuvuzela (Thing 7)'. The associations are delightful!